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Regtify - Register Management for Integrated Systems


Today's Integrated Systems often embed a considerable amount of microprocessor accessible register cells controlling the functionality of IP-blocks, operating modes, monitoring incoming data, logic and operational states. The memory locations can range from dozens to several tens of thousands.

Regtify helps you to keep control over your embedded registers, generates HDL code for your synthesizer or mapper, generates documents for exchange with your partners and customers and supports your software designers with consistent up to date information.

Handling of last minute changes, visualisation of the register attributes for hard and software engineers, flexible HDL code generation (RTL and behavioral) and consistency ensurance between all register related files are the challenges Regtify was built for.

Regtify is the hub and engine to efficiently manage your registers and memory components within your integrated system - ASIC, FPGA or SOC.


  • Powerful Graphical User Interface for Easy Specification Capturing
  • Fast VHDL Generation with extensive User Customisability for Complex Designs
  • Faster Synthesis due to Distributed Registermap Approach
  • Consistency between Documentation and HW / SW - Implementation
  • Hyperlinked PDF - Documentation Generation
  • User Customisable Special Purpose File Generation with Register Data for Software,PCB....

Typical Deployment:

  • SDH/SONET ASIC devices
  • Consumer Electronic Devices
  • Reconfigurable Systems
  • Automotive Systems
  • ... and many more

Supported platforms : Linux,Solaris,Windows. License manager can run also under HP-UX.

For further information on Regtify view the sources below or contact us!

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Press Releases and Customer Response

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