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IC-Design Software Regtify Freely Available for Higher Education Institutes


Regtify, an EDA-software package for bus-interfaces introduced in February this year at DATE-Conference by Recardis will be available without charge on request for universities and similar higher education institutes starting in May 2004.

The educational version will be full featured. The difference lies in the maintenance and liability offered by Recardis.

About Regtify

Regtify allows to automate and manage software programmable registers and RAM-locations within ASICs, FPGAs and SOCs.

The deployment of Regtify is recommended for systems with hardware/software- interfaces with register-/RAM-location counts greater than 100. Typical systems are telecommunication ICs, reconfigurable systems and many more.

Rapid entry of specification, configurable VHDL code generation, PDF- document generation as well as creation of user-customisable files and specification rule checking are key features of Regtify.

In cooperation with the University Erlangen-Nuremberg Recardis is currently working on System-C support. Verilog support is planned for autumn 2004.

The software is currently available on Linux and Solaris platforms.

Product Info:

Interested university representatives can contact us via Phone : 0911/300-1554
Mail, Subject: Higher Education Programme
Web :

About Recardis

Recardis - Ingenieure Schuring / Knablein is a privately owned EDA - software manufacturer in the field of digital integrated systems design. Recardis also provides IC design consulting services and OEM-development services for EDA companies. Recardis was founded 2003 as an engineering office.

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